How to buy a bouquet of 101 roses

No wonder the rose is considered the queen of all flowers, and it is she who enjoys wide popularity among the huge variety of flowering plants. Probably no flower will compete in its richness of shape, color and aroma with the extraordinary beauty of the rose. In all ages and in all peoples, the rose has been a symbol of perfection, passion, love and longevity. Poems, songs, tales and legends were written about her. Rose has always been in the first place among other flowers. Therefore, it is worth buying a 101 rose bouquet for your beloved woman in our flower shop.

Buy 101 roses for every taste and color in the flower shop

Roses come in many varieties. They can be very tall and shorter, with a large flower and small, the rose bud is full or the middle is visible. Their color scheme is not counting at all, ranging from pink and scarlet red to yellow, orange and bluish tinges. In addition to a variety of colors, flowers are characterized by a double or semi-double structure. There are varieties of roses that have a well-balanced shape and do not have bulky thorns.

You can buy a bouquet of 101 roses for your beloved woman and give it any day, and it does not have to be a holiday, anniversary or birthday. Such an unexpected gift from a flower shop will undoubtedly delight your lovely soul mate.

Roses are unique in that many varieties are bred to grow in cold and harsh climates, so there is no need to fear that they will freeze until you reach home. Even if they freeze, they will quickly return to normal and will stand for more than one day. And even with the most minimal care, the return of blooming roses can pleasantly surprise you.

Florists make a truly unique bouquet from roses. You can buy a bouquet of 101 roses in our online store. Such bouquets will be different